(Difford/Tilbrook) Bar illuminations shiver Shadows on the street The Cypriot sailors Find the world back at their feet Endless days of tobacco nights by the radio I wonder if they'll ever go to heaven The beer mats are wading In a table of froth The bar girl is serving With a check drying cloth She'll bend over backwards even though she's knackered I wonder if there'll have her up in heaven Like the sailors I walk home, it's six A. M. Heaven's round the corner in a comfortable bed And I love her. The officers and seamen Elbow places at the bar Words that tempt the goddess Don't leave beats upon the heart But she'll service his pleasure And never know the treasure That his wife keeps forever up in heaven The first light of the morning Proves too much for the street No one sees each other Just their presence there to meet Your chin takes to stubble at the sight of a funnel And the gangplank is no trouble up to heaven
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