SqueezeIn Quintessence

(difford/tilbrook) He smokes himself into double vision Leaves his mind on an indecision, Thinks he's invented imagination Says that God is some relation. He leaves his cigarette burning on the desk His clothes and magazines make up such a mess, Sitting up in bed transistor on his chest In quintessence. He and his friends sit around all evening Leaving their laughter upon the ceiling, Seems so funny yet it leaves me yawning Then I find it's the following morning. He says his girlfriend lives too far away Always at a friend's house or on holiday, His Bible of romance hides itself away In quintessence. A 15 year old's browse through life, Is fine with his quintessence safe and sound in mind, Life's an adolescence from time to time With us all In quintessence. In the corner with his book and tissue All he can do is pretend to miss you, Closes his eyes as he sees her body Pulls funny faces and that's his hobby. On the other hand love ain't a happy word On the other hand love ain't a piece of skirt, Makes for something special in your football shirt In quintessence.
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