SqueezeIn The Morning

(difford/tilbrook) In the morning It is raining And umbrellas block the pavement In the cafй People waking With a cigarette and coffee And she sits there with her paper Half asleep into a picture In the morning In the morning It's all over That's another night of business With the punters On the corner Of estates around the river And she adds up all the takings Hid behind her wilting paper In the morning In the morning Soaked in bath oil Dressed in pink towels And a sweater Looking out at all the people Walking under their umbrellas In the morning There's a feeling Of resentment and expectance It's a fear that comes with working On the dark streets for a living She's attending To her wet hair At the window in the evening Getting ready in a short skirt With her stockings around her ankles It's a flame that gets attention In a darkness without light And the children need a cuddle As she walks into the light Of the morning
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