SqueezeIs It Too Late

(difford/tilbrook) I have no reason to lie to her I've been a pig I'm a coward out of character Here's what I did I stole money from out of her purse Then I got drunk And just to make matters worse I then fell in love Is it too late to unload that gun Is it too late to change her mind Is it too late to kick me in the teeth Is it too late, knock them down my throat Hope I choke on them forever this time Is it too late, is it too late, is it too late Now my cards are all on the table My fish is cooked Now someone else has rocked my cradle Funeral's been booked I feel so rotten to have done this But now it's been done And drink was my only accomplice And we fell in love I have no reason to lie again Once is enough I played my best hand and lost the game Losing is tough I barked and wagged my tail in the air I got off the lead I had all the fun of the fair That I'll ever need
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