SqueezeIt's So Dirty

Well you'd better not tell I've had a good night Me and this bird she's a bit of alright Dancing to the sounds as the arches get searched She is the business for a bit of old skirt It's so dirty when it's in the right mood Give it some brandy and some chinese food Take her for a spin in your stereo jag Tell her she's the best girl you've ever had Give it some gold to put round it's neck Then her old man puts you on the deck But it's so dirty with me - it so dirty with me It's so dirty with me - it's so dirty with me Well you'd better watch out here comes a tornado You'll end up looking like a mashed potato If her old man gets word of what's going on here You'll end up at the bottom of someone's next beer Well I've got a bud ain't frightened by shooters So lets have a drink for a couple of troopers No her old man won't know I've been giving it some Less you tell him the news but we know that ain't done
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