SqueezeJolly Comes Home

(difford/tilbrook) She's screaming into his collar Beating him on the chest He's showing her no emotion Their love's put to the test He thinks that he makes her happy By simply being there As the silences get longer The more she pulls her hair Love can be damaged by silence Tied to a ball and chain Love can be driven to violence From what once seemed so tame Wearing his dinner this evening Jolly comes home again The mule's sitting by the fire The house at his control He hops around the channels His eyes on film patrol She's driven from her senses Her mundane life erupts She leaps out of the sofa And jumps upon her lump The room was all dark and quiet In bed there side by side There in the small of her back An olive branch tonight He wants to say that he's sorry She wants to make him beg For all the pain that she's suffered In her heart and in her head
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