SqueezeStranger Than The Stranger On The Shore

(difford/tilbrook) Acid casualties and angry young men The litmus test of a guitar and pen Revolve around date sheets lost lonely rooms And this is my home and I will leave soon For a house with a tower Where there's visiting hours And the day leaves it's taste on a spoon The black eye of the camera bruised by my blush Leaves another chin and another hair cut The image in focus the shot aims to kill And I'm cropped at the waist as I run through the mill So I'm lost for an encore The kodachrome wants more Now I'm snapped with my head in the still The contract's been signed with a stroke of my blood I'm drowned by the name that sinks in the mud Thrown from emotion to swim back to the shore Where the sound of a drum beats time to applause Now my life's in danger Of ending up stranger Than the stranger who walked on the shore Stranger than the stranger Who walks by my bed Shares in my life Lives although dead Stranger than the stranger I am sure Stranger than the stranger on the shore
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