SqueezeWoman's World

The crown of the kingdom is given to the woman The kingdom of the kitchen where she says she shouldn't, There on the stainless steel her cigarettes and matches Whistles to the radio to every hook she catches, But the frowns Eider downs, Tie her down But she likes to wear the crown of the kingdom. She like the recipes a touch of oriental Steaming up the windows burning egg on metal, Sees in a catalogue a shiny new appliance Another role swallowed by the wonders of science, Lobster hands Omelette pans, Understand How the crown can stick like jam in her kingdom. He's been so busy and she's been neglected, The problem is computed and always it's rejected, Out of her heart I catch a spark, And being smart The crown is left out in the dark now there's no kingdom. Fed up with the glory she abdicates her title Sitting at a bar stool she gives her day's recital, The family watch in horror As she staggers up the hallway Makes herself a sandwich As they're looking through the doorway, She goes to bed Leg by leg, Nothing's said There's no crown upon her head there's no kingdom. Press the button on the toaster It's a woman's world, Tuck the sheets in on the bed It's a woman's world, Take your apron from your holster It's a woman's world, Shoot the crown off of your head It's a woman's world.
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