Todd RundgrenChain Letter

Don't take yourself too seriously There are precious few things worth hating nowadays, And none of them are me I was only trying to say how things used to be 'Til we grew up and we all went our separate ways Looking for our own paths to immortality This is how I thought I'd start my song And it seems a little silly when I think of it But now I'm so far along And no one really wants to know that he's wrong That his ears can't really hear or he's blind a bit Or that he's really weak when he thinks that he is strong Now I'm in the middle and I just don't know If I'll make it any further if the words don't flow When you live in silence any sound is dear But for those who don't, take heart because the end is near This is the ending of my song It has made me blind and deaf and weak but most of all It shows you that I'm wrong For you see it's really twice this long And if I should die tomorrow it will carry on © 2018