Todd RundgrenCool Jerk

Cool jerk, cool jerk, cool jerk, cool jerk This cat they're talking about I wonder who could it be 'Cause I know I'm the heaviest cat The heaviest cat you ever did see When you see me walking down the street And they clapping and they speak All the business they wish to whisper it But they know I'm the king of the cool jerks Ah ha ha Look at them guys looking at me like I'm a fool Ah but deep down inside they know I'm cool I said now, I said now the moment of truth has finally come When I was gonna do some, some of that cool jerk All right, now I want to hear a little bit Of the drums by himself here All right, now I want to hear a little bit of A bass with those eighty-eights All right, now let's hear the organ player fall in All right now everybody, I wanna hear you howl Ah you're cooking, you're smoking Come on people can you do it? © 2017