Todd RundgrenHawking

Whenever I I close my eyes Then I don't mind being the way I am But whenever I try Explaining why I know I never can Now that it's Gone, paths I used to travel Gone, things I used to handle Gone, once I had a choice what to be But then god kissed me And I lost it when I fainted in his arms Have pity on me brother I'm trapped behind the mirror I'm out here on the border Wondering why Why was it I? Maybe my mind wouldn't have come this way If I'd taken my time Answers only unwind When you can't look away Maybe 'cause I want the secret broken I want the casket open I need to see what no eyes can see And when god kissed me Then I dreamed them when I fainted in her arms Now I've got to go on sleeping Lean in a little closer And I'll tell you what I'm dreaming I'll tell you what I'm dreaming I see time without beginning Space without an ending I see bodies strong and running With minds not comprehending Have pity on your brother Please have pity on your sister Take pity on each other And on every living creature Whenever I Open my eyes I can't believe it's real It's a jungle outside People just survive They can't reach the high ideal But I Know if I can't recover, at least I Know, I know the book from cover to cover, and who Knows, I might dream forever Since I've met the world's greatest lover When god kissed me And I knew it when I fainted in his arms Let's dream together people © 2018