Todd RundgrenHope I'm Around

Some happy day, after I'm long gone away Someone will make you see You were in love with me And know what it's like to be Where I'm standing now And then you'll find me somehow You better hope I'm around when you need me You know I won't be around when you need me You better know what to do when you need me No one told me what to do when I needed you I was a man, now I'm just a bird sitting in your hand You tell me that it's through But when it comes to you That I was in love with you You'll wonder where to fly When someone tells you goodbye Maybe now you cannot see But I know just what you need 'Cause you're looking for someone like me And after I leave you here You'll spend some lonely years And you won't need my tears To know what I've been through And need me like I needed you © 2018