Todd RundgrenNo. 1 Lowest Common Denominator

I wanna see your number 1 lowest common denominator You're so hot! What choo got? On the outside I'm a good boy Let me inside 'cause I'm full of joy I don't want to shock you but I'm an electric eel How's that make your denominator feel? Think I'll surprise her I can always depend on my great equalizer I wanna grind, lose your mind I kissed you once, but will I kiss you again? Be certain with s** and you'll always have friends Your glands wanna freak, your hands wanna speak And your mind slips away at the peak Recitation (A Poem of Love) Time stops - the light goes on A thundering head and no body Washed up and woke up on the beach, Seaside breakfast A tender egg on white sand Legs long and tan without a break, even to the neck Suddenly, simultaneously, an eclipse and a snowfall Flakes melt instantly on the shoulders like wet silver Burning little holes all the way to the marrow Puckered flesh like avocado sags into a green pool All the birds leave turquoise ruts across the Velveeta sky It's time to scream I wanna be your number 1 lowest common denominator © 2018