Todd RundgrenSome Folks Is Even Whiter Than Me

There ain't a man alive today Who doesn't want to have the world in his hand And everything to go his way And abuse what he don't understand Some people never can be satisfied less they push somebody else around But I can't give no aid or take no side I just watch them drag each other down because Some folks is even whiter than me Some folks is even blacker than me I got myself caught in the middle somewhere And that's just where I want to be I'm talking bout the outside Talking bout the inside too I spent a lot of time alone And when I'm gone you won't remember my name But I ain't never been nobody's boss but my own And I hope that you can say the same And I feel just like everyone around I like to sing my songs of change like a crooner But if we was all to live another mile uptown I think we'd like to get it changed a whole lot sooner © 2018