Todd RundgrenTime Heals

If you're bleeding, Then everyone can see you're bleeding They can call for the doctor, Who'll provide what the diagnosis says you're needing Then he'll take away your pain But if your heart, Your heart has been broken And you don't wear it on your sleeve No one can tell, Your hell goes unspoken But there's one thing you must believe Time heals the wounds no one can see Time heals the wounds that no one can see If you're crying Then everyone can see you crying And they all sympathize But it just doesn't matter Though they may be trying, They can't feel the hurt inside You can't go on, You've gone to the limit And your life seems to slip away You're on your own Alone you must face it And tomorrow's so far away You got to hold on baby Got to give it time to heal Time heals the wounds that no one can see You must believe what they say is true It do's wonders for ya, yeah, yeah © 2018