Too ShortAll The Time

[too $hort] All the time, gettin mine, that's why I'm pimpin That's why I'm pimpin, all the time Gettin mine.. That's how we do it, straight pimpin All the time, all the time It's the original, d-o-g, short dawg They said don't do it, but I gotta go off You talked a lot of shit and can't back it up Say you make a lot of money and can't stack enough Spend it on the strippers and the prostitutes Do what you gotta do No soundscans got your record label hot at you They droppin you, two years ago we was poppin you You was talkin shit about nobody stoppin you I told the lil' homey a long time ago If you put your mind to it, you can find some dough It don't matter, even if yo' pockets kinda low All you gotta do is knock a fine ass hoe Fuck that bitch like a porno star Walk her to the corner I bet she won't go far I knew the day would come when you would notice it Get wise and realize bein broke ain't shit Chorus: too $hort That's why I'm pimpin, all the time Gettin hoes to give me money, I'm gettin mine You know I ain't lyin Cause what I spend and what I'm ridin is the shit That's why I do this; straight pimpin, all the time If you see my bitch hoein, I'm gettin mine You know I ain't lyin, tricks love what I'm supplyin It's the shit, that's why I do this [too $hort] It's been around a long time Pimpin, manipulatin minds, prostitutin women Pussy - is worth a lot of money She says that everyday you gotta pay me when you want me Tricks like to fuck and do that freaky shit You know I kick my hoe ass, she don't bring me gifts I'm talkin cold cash money, nothin else'll do Get my money bitch you better fuck until he's through Make that trick come quick, and don't stop him And if he's slippin, you better rob him Go out and turn another date, don't hesitate You know daddy loves you when you keep my money straight You ride the best cars, eat good, and drink fat You can't do this shit without me don't you ever think that Recognize my bald head and my gangsta limp Damn it feels good to be a pimp Chorus [too $hort] I hear you squares, you try to criticize us players But when the pussy's on sale I see you always there A good customer, you know yo' game ain't tough And even though we came up doin all the same stuff I'm a pimp, I turn a bitch out quick Have her standin on the corner tryin to get some dick Lay on yo' back bitch, and get my cash Cause if you don't, I gotta kick yo' ass Fuck all that drama This ain't hbo I whup you like yo' momma If you don't pay me hoe, I do this everyday I check bitches and get paid I want the money I ain't tryin to get laid Ain't nuttin new about this shit, it's the oldest profession Sellin pussy while it's snowin at the coldest intersection I know how you feel about me, you love me Turnin tricks thinkin of me Chorus [too $hort] All the time.. © 2014