Violent FemmesI'm Free

I'm free and I'm happy I am free from your hatred I've parted from the part That I participated in So I'm free it was easy I know nothing of your hatred I've known and shone the light And the darkness abated So I'm free Run, skip, jump, play My little boy is happy Look he's smiling because He knows no fear here My mommy's calling me And I'm running through the fields Because I'm free Every day in every way I'm getting better and better and better And better and better and better, etc. Because there's no fear, here why I can't tell you now 'cause I'm running through the woods And I just jumped a little bit higher Cause I'm free And that's the way he created me to be I have turned from your hatred I turned on the light And there was nothing there that waited to get me This ain't a song about that This is a song about this © 2017