Iced EarthDiary

(Music : Schaffer, Shawver, Abell / Lyrics : Barlow) Mine is pure darkness It is as blackness is Damn the light which comes from You as a moth to flame I burn In the twilight of morning I rest my weary eyes For the benefits of the nights bounty were many My soul has been redeemed (with those of others) I missed my love tonight Hiding behind the figure I cannot bare to face That of a dead profit And his beast of burden Thorns ripping through his brow Skin soft and white, eyes fire and ice Just as I recall Not longer than nine score Certainly food for the gods And fit for a prince Her throat I№ll have it now I will have her, she is mine Rise of the sun, my test of time And when shadows fall on unholy ground It№s time to sleep again As consciousness slips into blackness I rise to nights warm embrace And though my blood runs cold I know my love will be alone And my mortal heart shall beat again Like it did ten thousand years ago Forbidden love can only taste this sweet Not like the others so incomplete The symbolic arrow that pierces my heart Takes the shape of a wooden stare Now I am the one crucified For her immortal heart I№d give my own And die for mankinds sins But that is not the nature of this beast I am denied I will have her, she is mine Rise of the sun, my test of time When shadows fall on unholy ground I will make her mine © 2018