Iced EarthSlave To The Dark

A twisted state of mind, torn between two worlds One of which the new me hates and the one that's coming true The power is unleashed, they perish at my gaze But am I really in control or am I just a slave I called upon this god to deliver unto me To grant what I desire he brought me to my knees He turned his back on me and filled me with his lies Ask and I received damnation was the price I signed my name in blood, didn't read the fine prints Now I'm just a puppet god for the devils own descent Bound and shackled here forever damned a slave Fallen bloody tears can't wash the pain away Chorus: All at once it's clear to me Damnation and destiny A slave to darkness shall I be Damnation and destiny And so I must repent or will I be destroyed Will the one that lives in me release me from this lie And will the wrath of god have mercy on my soul Or humilate me, desecrate me, like his only son Chorus © 2018