Jackson 5I Can't Quit Your Love

Do do do do wah ohhh Do do do do wah The love was standing on is shakey ground There ain't no way on earth to hold you down And every road I take to you instead oh losing ooh yea ha I gonna find a boat to row away Where I won't be reaching for you night and day Where there's no windows ain't no doors To let your love in ooh I, I [Chorus:] I can't quit your love, ooh yea No matter how hard I try to I can't quit your love, no I can't I keep running back to you You know I can't quit your love ooh yeah! You snap your fingers and I feel on fire Like silly spinning wheels of desire You have to be a bird with wings to get me higher The minor things for me has lose control The weakness of my judgement rules my soul You know you got each claim in me after the wire ooh!
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