JAY-ZPretty Girls

Uhh, y'all know what this is Now would be a good time to start bobbin your heads Kels, and it, and it, uhh [R. Kelly] Excuse me miss, don't mean to interrupt But you're the hottest chick in this club The way you shake your ass to this beat It's like your booty got dancin feet I wanna take you home, in my Hummer Jeep All over me while you ridin the beep beep I just really wanna taste your ice cream It's the weekend baby I got the {?} Go on girl, the way you do me This is somethin like a fantasy You're that girl from the magazine BET, or, MTV So baby let me take you to my ecstasy Pull up to the club on them 23's Girl you've got that shit in your hip That make me wanna spend, money [Chorus: R. Kelly] Pretty girls (where you at) I'm talkin to the ones, that came alone Pretty girls (put your hands up) The single ones, we wanna take you home - c'mon Pretty girls... (you make me wanna shout) Let's, go! [Jay-Z] Whether you tall like Lisa Leslie Or short like the barrel on that baby 380 Pretty lady, I got a ride to fit yo' frame From the Coupe to the big Mercedes {?}, these groundhogs stay with the cash And the black card don't got no max Fall, back, blow on some Merikesh hash With more Manolos than Sarah Jess' had How you gon' go back to dudes with little sacks Little kiddie chromes in they itty bitty homes Fuckin up your lungs, puffin that homegrown You should be with us, cuttin in Hong Kong Straight shots of Catron or Dom Perignon Guys your girls say Shawn very long So if you ain't afraid of catchin a love jones Get with Coach Dean Smith, bitch get in the zone, c'mon [Chorus] [R. Kelly] Tell me what you're drinkin at the bar ma I'm gonna buy ma, anybody tell you youse a star ma You remind me of my car ma, no ignition I start the Coupe up from the kitchen My pretty girls get plenty attention When it come to sex get plenty of inches We shop, like we all broke detention Club like we at a alcoholic's convention Hit the 'tel with two chicks and she with it Mama got down like the flo' when she did it Pretty girls, keep shakin ass now mama This party is not over [Chorus] [R. Kelly] What's your name, what city you represent ma Where the hands on all the pretty girls ma For the players and the hustlers in the club now And all my niggaz that be sippin pimp juice now [Chorus]
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