Jay-zTake You Home With Me A.K.A. Body

[Jay-Z] Uh, uhh uhh, Kel's Young, M, X, tra, money, let's go [Chorus 2X: are. Kelly + (Girl)] Girl you know you got a body-adi-adi (do you like it?) Where you get your little body-adi-adi (do you want it?) Girl I wanna freak your body-adi-adi (what you want it?) I just wanna take you home with me [Jay-Z] She get it from her momma.. You can't tie a sweater over that a**, it hotter than pajamas We lay back, blowin ganja Dvd, she make it hard to watch a flat tv - whoa I crept up behind her Mami threw it like a quarterback, I caught that like Rice I call mami Montana, bandana Tied her hands up - this is gangsta love Threw on a rap cd, we gangsta f****d This ain't R&B smooth, I ain't a R&B dude Poured a glass of Army, got mami in the mood Then she stripped for me like the "Moulin Rouge" I think I might wife her Y'know, powder blue Roc-a-Wear suit, white Nike her Add mami to the cypher Are. O. C. For life cuz, the gang m**********are [Chorus:] [are. Kelly] I make ya hotter than the next b***h - no need For you to ever sweat the next b***h - with speed I make the next b***h see the exit - indeed Gotta know you're ver-ily respected - by me You get the keys to the Lexus - but no drive You get your own 2002, she through ridin Keep yo' a** tighter than Versace That's why you gotta watch yo' friends You gotta watch me, they connivin s**t See I just wanna freak your body-adi-adi I know you don't do this for everybody-adi But everybody ain't as horny as me And your body's - callin, me... [Chorus:] [Jay-Z] Uhh, yeah Mami shot through the pad with the Mark Jacobs bag The thick stitched seam and her favorite a** jeans Y'all know the first date wearers To make objects bigger than they appear like a rearview mirror Oh her shoe game is real She gave 'em the Christian Libountins(?) with the four inch heels But honestly my favorite type of gear Is a scrungy for her hair and Lapearla underwear, clear? [are. Kelly] Girl I hear you callin, let's stop stallin Do what we came to do Girl I hear you callin, let's stop stallin Baby I want you, yeah [Chorus:]
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