Jennifer Love HewittDon't Turn Your Head Away

I don't wanna take Your dreams away from you And I'll always be there All the love we've shared together Two feathers floating in the air Whatever happens now I know that we'll be true Like the sun brings on the day I won't give up on you Chorus: Don't you turn your head away The river runs as it should do I never meant to hurt you Don't you turn your head away Hear my heartbeat whisper true Listen how I love you I see now that I must let you be you Instead of standing in my footsteps Go ahead and use your own voice You've shown me you have the choice The things you said to me I've realised the truth Through your eyes, I see myself Awaiting in you (chorus:) I know it's never easy To turn and face the wind But we can work together To find our love again (chorus:) © 2018