Jennifer Love HewittJust Try

Didn't want to then we kissed I didn't want you but I did I said it's gone too fast but baby I lied. If I do some things I never would Doesnt't mean I'm not so good What about the way I feel inside? If I run away it's not gonna work this time I gotta stay, everythings gonna be alright Chorus Don't talk about it worry so much Try to figure out what's gonna Happens gonna happen here tonight Don't think too much don't try too hard Its alright if it goes too far Now is not the time to question why Just try Just try Its time to throw away the plan Whatever happens depends I don't need to know the end this time I've played it safe with you before Arent you tired of leaving wanting more I think tonight we're seeing eye to eye I thought I'd run away Its not gonna work this time I want you to stay Everythings gonna be alright Chorus I'm a little afraid of where this is gonna lead But I've made up my mind Tonight is the night Chorus x2 Don't you talk about it Just try Just try © 2018