Jo Dee MessinaIt's Too Late To Worry

Billy Joe had a bumper sticker On the back of his beat up Chevrolet Said 'This truck eats Fords for lunch' So I pulled up beside him in my new Mustang I was just getting ready to say 'Boy that truck's seen it's last meal' But I was wantin' to climb in that Chevy When I saw what was sittin' behind that wheel [Chorus:] Mornin' sun found a new Mustang Abandoned in a Wal-Mart parkin' lot Note on the seat said 'Don't tow me away' Didn't stop the gossip tongues from waggin' Til next day somewhere round three o'clock No tellin what they're talkin' about Or what's goin' round It's too late to worry 'bout that now Where'd a man so big and bad Learn all them words so sweet and soft It made my world spin round so fast I thought it was gonna sling me off Red mud on the fenders Might of gave a clue as to where we'd been But no one knows just what went on 'Cept the moon and me and him, yeah [Chorus:] Now that we come showin' up Rumors bouncin' off of that truck Just let 'em stare at him and me Cause I don't care about anything but us [Chorus:] © 2018