Jo Dee MessinaNot Going Down

I woke up today with a headache More bills to pay than a corporation Hey when will it end? My mirror says I could use a break An easy day, some appreciation Hey how 'bout a friend? When days like these start to fall in on me I gotta face my reflection and say Hey, hey [Chorus] Been burned by the fire Been stuck under water Strung up on the wire and still the world goes around Been tossed like a free throw Knocked out when the wind blows Pull the curtain on the hurtin' 'cause I'm not going down I'm not going down Inside of me is the only Highway that leads To a true freedom Holdin' out it's hand. (Holdin' out it's hand) I close my eyes and it's all right The sun will shine on a new horizon Just around the bend (Just around the bend) Days like these bring out the strength in me So I can face my reflection and say Hey, hey, hey [Chorus] I still get Dizzy and frantic Lonely and paniced But next time I won't let it beat me No I can see clearly I know who I am That's how I know I've began Livin' [Chorus] © 2017