John FarnhamSome Do, Some Don't

Steven hague, and mark nueller When you look at me who do you see Do opposites distract you When we choose up sides when the roads divide Is it me you'll keep coming back to You place a cautious bet a little late night roulette It makes your heart beat faster But when the hour comes - will you run Or decide that it's worth chasing after You don't have to - unless you want to You don't need to - unless you need to Some do some do some do some don't When you start alone and end up alone But between it's hours to play with Is it black or white - we're talkin' gray tonight Do you find the one you'll stay with You try to release it but I'm not sure that There's any reason to - just let your heart decide On your way back home will you walk alone Have you locked up the door behind you Or take me in and all that I am I'm here if you should decide to © 2018