Jon & VangelisEach And Every Day

Each and everyday I time the waiting wind All the stars that shine this evening Came to greet you now At last, the way, I'll protect you when you're lonely By guiding you 'round Tears won't ever leave you like the autumn leaves Bearing fruit, that seasons everything It's everything to to me That life will never end Those tears will show the light, Coming through the night If there's anything around that tries to get, To you doesn't Mean your love can't make the moment right Better best to try it I've found, It makes the evening bright It's all been down We treat us down And I just saw the man giving peace a kindly hand. It doesn't even end in a dream Things are never quite the way they seem All in all/you're really So much more Each and everyday, each and everyday Each and everyday, each and everyday, I'll guard you till the end. ---------------------------------------------------------- © 2018