Joy EnriquezI Can't Believe

You're all I've ever wanted You're all I've ever dreamed To have in my life It feels -- so good -- so right One day I just imagined But how true love has taken control of me Love has finally found me It's you -- that came to me -- and made me see That dreams could become true Now that you're -- here with me -- I've come to see That my dream was you I can't believe -- that you're here with me Was it meant to be -- Is this a fantasy I can't believe -- That love's got me And you gave me -- a love I can't believe Heaven must have sent you Cause God knows there's a lot of things I've been through That's why I'm here with you Because you know just what to do And pain and hurt could never be part of you That 's why -- I do -- love you My love for you -- that's in me -- always will -- be reality Your love for me -- that's in you -- always will -- Be the love I need © 2017