Kenny ChesneyFor The First Time

There's somethin' sacred when your seventeen 'Bout a football jacket and a high school ring And it sure looked nice When you wore mine That late October at a homecoming dance We slipped outside and we took a chance In the middle of the night Man it sure felt right We let go right then and there We were loved and we were scared [Chorus] For the first time Lovin' blind we dove right in For the first time We gave everything and then Graduation came And our dreams called our names With broken hearts we moved on with our lives For the first time Well I heard the other day Your a Sunday school teacher got the pta Got a real good life Your a real good wife I'm livin' in this circus world No I ain't married but I got a girl And I'm her man We're makin' plans But I still smile when I think of us Together we learned how to love [Chorus] © 2017