Kingdom ComeWhat Love Can Be

Come to me know I want to be your best friend for all of time I want to be the tissue for your tears I never want to be alone I never really thought that I could feel A feeling that awakened me so I was astray of knowing where I belong Living out of time, living out of time [Chorus] Now that you've come and set me free Now that I know what love can be All that I want is you with me That's all I want You allow me to be what I want to be Thanks for helping me I feel like a bright shining star For only you to see, for only you to see [Chorus] Hold me tight, hold me tight I won't let you go Close to you, close to you Touch me, don't let go Give me all your love Close to you, close to you Give me all your love All that I want Is you to be with me © 2017