Krayzie BoneDrama

The drama just goes on and on Drama be just part of my life It's been like that since I was born Yes I can run but I can't hide Gonna be like that until I'm gone Drama always seems to find me, find me, find me Roll down my family tree with me Give it up page to page We never no stuggles I never knew no hustlers like my Daddy and Mamma so I Gotta drop my P's But I think way back in the day now When moms and pops had my back They stayed down And gave us a place to lay down But then Then when the wind blew in (?) the crackpot But lately it's keeping my people up off the hinges Can I get a witness baby And I'm off the dope Cause I'm gonna make me some money my own Somebody tell me now where we went wrong I'll bring my family back because they long gone Now pops don't even come around But I know pops got problems that's why your little niggas still down With cha But it hurts to see a family taking a beating My sisters keep saying they hungry [hungry] Got to come up on some way to feed em Big (?) take a ride slide down 71 callin welfare When the cheque come mom she hound everyone So bang bang Gotta get down for my thang Swang with a my thugsters Pump, we never did love ya St. Claire struggler Here your hustla baby Chorus 2 times I can't get away from all these dramas surrounding me Hounding me Heavily coming down on me Drama be pounding my brain Calling my name These demons they seem to be following me Come in all shapes and sizes Enemies my friends it don't surprise me I try to help niggas make better But they ain't appreciate niggas they rather stay back in the ghetto Well oh well If that's how you want it nigga Then go ahead But don't fuck with me I'm up in this bitch like Micahel Jackson I wish they'de leave me alone Before I show the other side of me Bang bang bang bang bang that's how it be Nigga gonna get violent But if my so-called ex friends want to try me Bloody riot that's how we like it You all invited Get so heated you feel the temperature rising So heated we spit black flames 4-page article On the police Couldn't find that them bitches was particles For fucking with me And I'm down to stand on the frontline and get wild One of the first to get up and get down Niggas ain't knowin' the anger inside me And then when I finally snap nigga out Fuck up your sister your daddy your momma your brother If you he some drama c'mon c'mon c'mon. Chorus 2 times © 2017