Krayzie BoneKneight Riduz Wuz Here

Send* corrections to the typist [Intro ]:As the new world order takes us into the year 2000 The shadows of death over the sky causin total destruction As we transform day into night darkness, falls down upon us We rise from the fog uncomparable to any other form of life Together we ride by night unidentified, unseen, unknown, Yes we are the pirates Our missin is to destroy enemies by any means necessary And those who interfere with prosecution for execusion Shall indeed be terminated any race be gone For we are the Kneight Riduz Killers of the night and first of our kind [Chorus - 2x] Can't you feels the temperature droppin gettin cold Below? zero murda mo go slow flow under your door Is it magic Not? it's murda they don't know that we're pirates By night we get violent like fighters fightin [Verse - 1] You're takin chances runnin around upon me I got somethin waitin in a cage for you Wipe that smile off your face when you see us ridin through Killin 'em all (till everyone fall) You get out of my way or you're subject to get killed without the clues I thought people should continues bouncin A war right now is not what you're really wantin Pirates got the world on lockdown we, rule from the darkness We come from beneath the ground so, who wants to party We? got runnin up with slugs for everybody Renovate the town in blood with a slaughter What's the matter You're? not soundin so tough Am I callin your bluff When? them high tides come crashin ashes to ashes and dust to dust We are the pirates the, pirates Yes we are the pirates pirates, [Chorus - 2x] [Verse - 2] Wanna come f k**with me Me? bloody matey got me back so check your tick-tock How many minutes ya got before you drop Been? shot The smell of gun powder fills the air ( )????there you beg for mercy we don't care Bloody bodies stacked up in a pile and set the fire It's the pirates behind all this violence it's not the devil It's rebellin with my shovel with, my victims lifeless Tossed over my shoulder as I showed him to his hell-hole Dead foes to the bottom Us pirates be heartless my conscious was fuckin with me I shot him And got 'em all believe me We gonna ( )??crazy and I'm silent until my other mode We front the underland understand understand, We? live to die so we fear no man not at all Everytime we call stay outta the way and outta the dark And just hope to god that, he'll just come and kill us all We all gonna dies it's, the ways of life wildest new generation pirates Us new generation pirates pirates, us, new generation pirates pirates, [Chorus - 2x] [Verse - 3] Up in my temple proceddin I'm waitin to taste your blood run throught my veins And see you gasping out my name You'll be sayin "psycho bitch psycho, psycho, psycho", See ( )??is how I kill you I have to fill my thirst so now I gots to kill you We are all forgotten souls nightmare of every boy and girl Kneight Riduh pirates the leaders of the underworld I'm so happy happy, knowin my torture brought you pain Play in my little game you hide i'll blow out your brain Isn't that fun Whoever? wants some you can hide but you can't run I cut off your legs now beg yes, beg {laughing} 1-2 Riduz comin for you 3-4 you shoulda locked your door let, me in {laughing} [Chorus - 2x] © 2018