Krayzie BoneMangled

If motherfuckers want to see me, nigga put some glasses on Because I'm right up in your fuckin' face, it's to late To try to run and try to get away, don't try clearin' your vision Cause that's straight, you in the presence of Leatha Face Just an average motherfuckin' thug, have to spit it for the fun Bad nigga with a gun, uh-huh so run, run, run But he's testin' many slugs Come in, you'll be done, done, before we even get started Lovin' the war cause that's the art of it, and we'll bomb your shit Before you even realize we the niggaz got a problem with ya Mista sawed off, nigga bow down, now kiss this, click, click What's up, what you niggaz really want to do, get the fuck up Mothafucker should a never put my name in they mouth But I'm a get it out when I buck, buck, and you explode Ya head, ya neck, conection no more, corpse hit the floor Nigga never realize until they've been choked Cause they've been told, time after time and it's still reckon Like they don't know, so play me though, don't be blowed away And stored away, in a box up under that dirt nails in the coffin Just do this a, watch how we play, down with the dirty Everytime we do it, I'm the nigga rollin' with the gold tec 'n To use it, so be choosy and don't be stupid, don't walk in to it When you see the Line rollin' by y'all better move it Now I said excuse me, the money bust a you-turn, they come back With the oozy, turn this thing into a movie And you the first nigga dead 'fore the creits even roll up I play the killa in the picture, and you know I'm gon' get ya Cause it's my script, duh, movie produced by me The original t-h-you-g, when you look in the dictionary For the meaning of thug, motherfucker should see me Now nigga did you see me, did you see me, did you see me Nigga do you feel it, did you feel it, did I rap now a I see Better nigga dog, Ken Dawg, kill a dog, now nigga let me hit it I bust it and I fuck a nigga right up with a pistol (??) Now you caught up in the middle of the crossfire And now your lifes in danger, gonna wrap his neck with some Barbed wire, hang 'em watch him dangle, you can run and hide But we covered every angle, when the bullets fly Niggaz body's gettin' mangled... © 2017