Krayzie BoneSilence[featuring Graveyard Shift ]

Krayzie, Sin, and Tombstone: Thug Mentality 1999 -Refrain- Silence(Silence) is nessecary/ Don't tell them who you are Sin Formulate a different tactic/ Let's sing anthems/ No stereotypical categorizin'/ Rising above all Make-shift realities/ Fantasies misconstrued the thoughts of wicked men/ They Cough as lungs inhale Exhale poisonous gases/ Oh well, I guess I'll just protect myself and good Health/ Done played out The wickedest hand man has ever dealt/ I felt like dyin' just the other day 'cause Satan was tryin' Walkin' too close by my side/ Stay still; Please don't move! Your soul you could Lose/ No cryin' Where's my blood? You'll find out soon enough/ All right, I'll ride/ In due Time, we'll get our chance To die/ Hold on to my mind/ No use for guns or drugs, need more love/ But, yet, And still Slugs gets fired off constantly/ Immorally destroyin' my holy oracle, but I just Ignore it though Keep a steady pace, just movin' slow, slow, just movin' slow -Refrain- Krayzie As I sit in my livin' room, chillin' in my thug mood/ I begin to hear noises Comin' from the other room So I pause my Nintendo, then I walk over to the window/ Is it paranoya from the Indo? Then 'cause I thought, then I another thought; run and get the pump, "Who goes There? What the fuck you want? " 'cause I done off that bud and I'm a buck a muthafucker Down, You on my ground So you got another round/ All of the sudden I heard a crash, my first instincts Was to blast But the Mossberg didn't last so I had to dash/ Run upstairs, I was frantic and Paniced But I managed to make it to the top, to my artillery shop/ I was runnin' but I Could hear the sounds Comin'/ I don't know, they must think I got some money, ak-47 and a Mac-11/ Jet Into the bedroom, lock myself In, the clip is in / Teach 'em a lesson it ain't healthy to rob/ They fin To slip on the job soon as they twist on the knob, just like I figured when they Twisted it The ak-47 was hot, I had to drop it, but I emptied it/ The Mac-11 I get, and hit The niggas up from head to toe A nigga escapin' but I was out the window/ Here I go, I hit the ground "Uh", Then I look around Shake the fall, hopped in the Benz and hauled/ Call in my niggas let's get ready For war, I think I Killed 'em all, but I know they'll be sendin' some more/ So when they come back Around I say we Show 'em that rappin' don't mean a thang, and this is a gun, and this is your Grave/ Rest In Peace You're not feelin' me/ Truly Mr. Leatherface, I dedicate this... -Refrain- Tombstone Fight, movin' in the night (Watch out!) Daylight, takin' slow paces might outrun The race Never want to rely on murda/ Enter my life, but life's so strange and hectic/ All backwards/ It's Shelled/ The killin' factor in jail/ The streets is hell/ You can tell by the Smell/ Off with his head Oh well! You know they don't give a damn if that make the weak mind feel the Same/ It's a shame How they watch you, stalk you; pinnin' every step I make, knowin' every breath I Take/ Makin' it easy For the next man to get his hands on a 38/ They be buckin' on niggas in these Last days, but thanks For the fun/ Can't stay focused, causin' ruckus/ The devil done played with the Earth like a puppet Now we all in fucked shit/ That's why silence is necessary/ Don't tell 'em who You are by far Don't you tell them who you are -Refrain- © 2018