Krayzie BoneThugline

{dialing of phone} Krayzie Still thuggin' with the thugs, thugs, with the thugs (if y'all feel this, scream mo!all my niggas on the thugline, thugline) Ain't a damn thing changed, damn thing changed, changed (if y'all feel this, scream mo! all my niggas on the thugline, thugline) And if you niggas wanna get some, get some. count me down for your thing Relay Muthafuck you niggas hatin' on me, hatin' on me/ no-no, gotta grin but I pin Swolled eyes so fuck them crooked, crackin' Po-po's/ kick down doors on our goals, don't forget them bowls/ keep businesss To myself 'cause it's best if no one knows I trust no hoes and trust no nigga, niggas either/ try to take my weed, I got More power than she-ra/ dirty-south diva I rise like mya/ my high is comin' down/ I smoke some more and I get higher/ la, La-la...they beat this weed and they set fire Ganja make me loose, 'cause I'm live like a wire/ I never share attire, keep Passin' me them thangs/ just hit 'em with that heat to They mouth like some wangs/ straight out decator, gon' get some cheese and fuck The fame/ straight out decator, you got Drama? you know my name/ now close your eyes and listen to sleepy rhyme/ you got Five, I got 5/ let's go get a dime Relay A-t-l, I got to do somethin' to get my point heard/ I put my pen down and let The folks hear my words/ don't call me no Joker, don't call me no nerd cux I be goin' deeper than the others you heard/ 'cause this ain't in your head, bumpin' in your Head knockin'/ I keep the brothers jockin' even though they guns be knockin'/ Gonna block it, throw my hands up And we dip it up and brawl/ talkin' all that nonsense, not bein' heard by me at All/ nigga in y'all drawers, I rise but my name's not mya And i's a tight female/ don't need smoke to get you higher/ I'm beggin' for Attention, well I beg to differ They nervous when I'm lurkin' and your body be stiffer/ I plot by myself, my Thoughts are dangerous You gotta be lyrically tight if you wanna hang with us/ can't sit on my ass, When I know I must be heard My pen's been put down and now my mouth has been heard -refrain- So you can bring anything you want to/ we do, do this however, whenever you want To/ but we can act the fool If that's what you wan do 'cause real niggas on the thugline, thugline, thugline Relay Yeah, little miss on passion stabbin', nabbin' niggas/ I know how to react and Be the one who peepin' out them playa haters in the back /and I'm attackin', Saggin'/ yes, and I'm relaxin' when I'm high/ krayzie bone and relay done hooked Up this shit 'cause my, my, my, relay is comin' round the corner/ better run for cover or you're Gonna be a goner/ I told you nigga, we doin' this shit to get richer quicker, Not pullin' triggers, hypnotizin' niggas like, rest in peace, notorious big, Nigga Relay Tell me somethin' about any rapper, and in a heartbeat, I would snappin' the Baddest when I rhyme/ and relay up to no good Fact, you should value this beat/ and in this rap game it seems ain't no other 4 Be'cause we'll straight out bust out the scene Straight out decator where it's greater/ and it can't get no better, unless you Headed throu downtown/ the land to go make Some chedder/ in everyway and everyday, you hear these thugs bust a rap, or Rhyme, or flow, or just whatever you may call We gon' snap, snap Relay We in the a-t-l, done hooked up/ this shit is buck, so nigga, what? krayzie Gotta bust, krayzie gotta bust, krayzie gotta Bust, krayzie gotta bust {repeated} Krayzie Now you know we can get high, high, high, so high/ that's my man, mister Sawed-off leatherface: the name Thug is what I claim/ stayin' away from all these lames and these playa hatas Steady inflictin' pressure on the brain But my mentality can't be faded, I play it so fuckin' smooth/ I got my mind just Like chess, I concentrate on every move And every rule that they wrote, we break 'em/ believe me, that's why so many Niggas fall off for flossin' and goin' against they boss, man/ too many chiefs Annoy me, uh/ so when I roll, I'm mostly solo and I know that fo-fo stay mighty Close Just touch on my door ho, you'll be greeted by heaters, millimeters, Pop-pop-pop-pop/ mo! thug mothership presents; Thugline niggas, bone thugs-n-harmony still live niggas/ and I got my troopers Suited and ready/ relay, up in this muthafucka Marchin', marchin', marchin', marchin/ bombin' on bitches/ people be sayin', and If you think we playin; run up and take your chance to die/ it's in your hands, Blow for blow/ we let these muthafuckers know/ they know whether they male or Female I don't roll with no ho -refrain- {phone dialtone} (operator) we're sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed, Please check the number and dial again, or call your operator to help you.. © 2014