Lil WayneHoes

[Hook:] Hoes! Lets just talk about Hoes! Can we talk about Hooooooeeeeesss Hooooooeeeeesss! Repeat Mannie: Lets Go Wayne: You gotta talk like a pimp What's good mama, you knew betta you, you do betta, who betta than that nigga with that crisp white tee, icy white sneaks, jeans to a betta You do betta gettin' yo' ass off up in that Coupe bitch Sit yo' ass on that new leather and regroup bitch It's only me and you bitch on our way to the stu I'm the Birdman Jr you aint know? And don't gimmie that silly bullshit about you aint hoe I move you to me city put yo' ass in uno I have you lokin pretty hit the Ave now get the do' That Gucci gon' fit ya like ya supposed to be in pictures I got computer love baby Wayne will change ya image You need Weezy them other boys just gimicks Me I'm just game, green, and srait physics Is you wit it? And I aint even tryna hit, imma get it when it's time to get it Lets talk about... [Hook:] Mannie: I gat this rat named Shelly that love Makavelli Number five combo meals and splashin' K-Y Jelly How a old school shorty still drink a forty Grab the mic, start a fight, and fuck up the whole party Baby you should leave Adjust yo' weave That's velcro (Hell no) Bitch go wit Steve Got this lead singer bitch from a popular group I would say her name but she bought me a Coupe Got this Hoover hoe Shawnna, smell like marijuanna How she dig Lil-Wayne but she love the Big Tymer Got pretty girl Patrice found out Iim fuckin' her neice Tried to stab her so I grabbed he and we called the police "Mr. Offica' the bitch than lost it bru, she goin to jail? O' well I'll be fuckin' hu'" Seen two dike spanish twins Nuts pressed on they chins Will we go video? Well nigga that depends [Hook:] Wayne: Yeah what up Young Mall, Young-Jay, yeah I gat old school bitches and new school hoes Female basketball playas with cornrows And I don't like short haired girls no not really If I do she gotta looke like to old Halle Berry Or the broke Toni Braxton The 1st Lil-Kim But I still take hood-rats and work with them Put ya ass in tha Jag and I'll jerk it quick Give ya' ass a lil game if ya smerk ya' in I', a pimp not a simp Like ice in my drink And I don't think twice to bling 'cause I'm focused Rollin' in a white-ass Mink like a polar bear Yeah, Let down my hair Get jazzy on a bitch like Fred is there Rose-Gold in her face get her red as glare My Bently Plum My Mercedes Pear I am lookin' for a freak mama take me there yeah [Hook:] Wayne Talkin' during Hook © 2018