MadnessBaggy Trousers

Naughty boys in nasty schools Headmaster's breaking all the rules Having fun and playing fools Smashing up the woodwork tools All the teachers in the pub Passing round the ready-rub Trying not to think of when The lunchtime bell will ring again. Oh what fun we had But, did it really turn out bad All I learnt at school Was how to bend not break the rules Oh what fun we had But at the time it seemed so bad Trying different ways To make a difference to the days. The headmaster's had enough today All the kids have gone away Gone to fight with next door's school Every term, that is the rule Sits alone and bends his cane Same old backsides again All the small ones tell tall tales Walking home and squashing snails. Lots of girls and lots of boys Lots of smells and lots of noise Playing football in the park Kicking pushbikes after dark Baggy trousers, dirty shirt Pulling hair and eating dirt Teacher comes to break it up Back of the 'ead with a plastic cup. Baggy trousers, baggy trousers, baggy trousers Baggy trousers, baggy trousers, baggy trousers © 2017