Manhattan TransferAnother Night In Tunisia

Livin' in the middle 'n relaxin' while y' loosen only a little Means y'gotta figure out a way y'oughtta' go 'n steady movin' on ahead're anywhere y'kharma led'n With a fascinatin' desert f'y'bed How very inviting! Such a lush, poetic sight full o'lots o'lovely desert And a rare, exotic mystery at night How y'gonna beat it f'r a magic delight Thrill to the chant of - the muezzin Callin' all t'pray aroun' the closin' o'the day Becomes a regular occurrence Git offa' the camel's back Put you a tent up, lay you a mat down Ready t'dream o'what'cha lack Meanwhile, y'quietly sleepin' soun'ly © 2017