Manhattan TransferHeart's Desire

You're my heart's desire, You're my hearts desire-- You are My heart's desire (hearts desire) You set my soul on fire (soul on fire) When your lips are close to mine You'll find -- That you're my hearts desire (you're my hearts desire, you're my hearts desire) Oh-- No other love could be (love could be) As sweet as yours to me (yours to me) Oh my darling, oh can't you plainly see That you're my hearts desire No other dream could replace That lonely and cold empty space And fill my heart with a love For it's you I'm dreaming of... There's one thing I know (baby I know) I know that wherever, wherever, wherever you may go (you may go) Oh honey I'll forever keep on loving and wanting you so 'Cause you're my hearts desire You are my heart's desire © 2018