Manhattan TransferThat's Killer Joe

This here's the story about Killer Joe He's a real bad cat, 'forget I told you so Silk on the corners of his fancy threads Double breasted pin stripe coat top press Fast talkin' good looking flim flam jive Why he's the kind o' cat that'll make a dead man cry So look out for Killer Joe! Killer Joe - Killer Joe Killer Joe - love dough (Repeat) Love of gold Has made him very cold (Repeat Top) I hit the big town an'he turned me roun' He dazzled me with some pretty jive Prettier jive than I've ever heard from Any man alive He called me "Baby," 'n "Honey" Messed wit m'head, tol' me he'd show me A whole mess o'money An' what did I get? That's somethin' I ain't figured out yet Each woman I meet is like a bead That's strung on a string An' I wear 'em like I'm wearin' a necklace Women love me, n'think lots of me Really! How can they be so reckless I tell 'em in front, that I do love money So - later on - then they won't get funny When I tighten up an' the scene gets heavy Times when I laugh they're over, Now they're gonna' feel a draf' Tell y'truth, if y'mus know Only thing can save y'is t'bring me lots o'dough (Background) Poor girl - Pity the hick Poor girl - Man, is he slick Poor girl - Pity the poor chick Stars were peepin' low An' man dud she have eyes for that Joe 'n Joe was jivin' with all of his lies She felt he must o'meant it Boy, the chick was in f'some surprise Yep! 'n Joe ain' 'bout t'let 'er slide Git'er t'flyin' high 'n wide Then goof her carpet ride She was cute, he had class Y'knew he had 'er soon s'he made his pass (Background) (That's Joe!) Big cities are jungles an' men're like leopards An' women are lost lambs who've Strayed from kep' herds An' them leopards - are real wolves Actin' jus' like shepherds Look out! Joe got his hook out He's lookin' so han'some Guaranteed trouble Y'think you c'n stan' some He'll furnish it double So look out (Repeat top) © 2018