Manhattan TransferTopsy

Janis' solo: Brothers n' sisters listen while I tell you about the strangest thing Somethin' you might have heard before, like a bell's familiar ring Topsy-thought he had it all covered, Yes sir! Turvy, he never really had a mind to hear What Mr. Topsy had to say It's such a scene Fightin' all the time They're gettin' mean All the sparks're flyin' Is this a dream? Makes you wanna cry I'm gonna scream What's the point? I wonder why. Janis' solo continued: My, my, my, my, my people you should know - These cats'll never get no relief Turvy, and sweet - Top-sy - it's so pulverizin', paralyzin'; Doncha know? (Yes yes) Tim's solo: Y' know I really don't get it That's the way it always seems to be-dread it Everytime I come around these cats are always Scrappin' Yappin' all about some little fluffy piece of ding a lingin' Stain around the elbow A bit of this, a bit of that - you bet your dollar that the Joint's a hellzapoppin' Man alive! Topsy's in a fit Turvy's in a snit Ain't there anyone here who can put out the fire? This is the most exasperatin' situation tell ya I ain't-never seen the likes of this one And I have seen a bunch that'll really make y' think About it Wait a minute, hold your horses, here they comin' now Oh Mr. Topsy you sure bring me down Better believe you're spittin' the cotton-you are spittin' the cotton now Ah! And Mr. Turvy your head's no where bound It's somethin' I would rather do without Ha! Piano Solo Ain't you had enough of Topsy Turvy I've had more than I can handle n' it's tested my patience now Sick and tired of this crazy scene I'm a little more than sick n' tired, oh, I'm really wired There's another way to go about this brother Won'tcha hear me now, got'ta dig what I'm 'bout to tell ya Loving one another's what I mean -Boy love'll really straighten y' out - If you'll only check it out It's such a scene Fightin's such a crime Now, they're gettin' mean Bound t' lose their mind Man, is this a dream? Wastin' so much time Help! I'm gonna scream Wastin' yours And wastin' mine Topsy Turvey's World is Topsy Turvy A little lovin' might undo it Just because they can't meet in between Woe, (oh) Woe (no) Woe (oh) Woe (no) Woe Woe, Woe, Woe, Woe, Woe Woe, (oh no) Woe (oh no) Woe (oh no) Woe (oh no) Woe Top-sy Tur-vy Top-sy Tur-vy Oooooooh What a pity © 2018