HillsongAll Day

[Verse:]: I don't care what they say about me It's alright, alright I don't care they think about me It's alright, they'll get it one day [Pre-Chorus:] I love you, I'll follow you You are my, my life I will read my bible and pray I will follow you all day [Verse 2:]: I don't care what it costs anymore Cos' you gave it all and I'm following you I don't care what it takes anymore No matter what happens I'm going your way [Pre-Chorus:] [Chorus:]: All Day All Day now All Day [Verse:] [Pre-Chorus:] [Chorus:] [Bridge:]: Anyone around can see Just how good you've been to me For all my friends that don't know you I pray that you would save them too [Chorus:]
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