Midnight OilNaked Flame

"This is a mad house," she goes straight for the palm "You'll be luck to make it till Tuesday" I say "You must be joking, the idea's absurd" But the picture's hanging on her every word But she comes right back, her black velvet cat Has gone smiled all over the carpet He says "I know my rights, I've got nothing to say" But he cried all night on the night 'n' day I've seen the naked flame And I'm turning my eyes away "Yes it's a mad house," the minister shouts But his words drown out in the crowd He says "I open my mouth and some idiot speaks" So he strikes the service for another two weeks Then the party's over, it's a free-for-all I'm under the table, I got my foot in the door Well she's a natural leader, and she's bound to win She's just waiting for the burning to begin I've seen the naked flame It's gonna burn me again I'm dying down in the rain And I'm turning my eyes away
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