NelsonCross My Broken Heart

It's a good day for a sad song 'cause the rain is fallin' and someone is saying "good-bye" Close the door when you leave 'cause there's a cold wind blowin' and it's bringin' tears to my eyes After you go, I guess I'll never know where you've run Will you try to disguise how you're dyin inside? Well, then you'll be the only one Chorus: Oh, I will get over you someday Though, I never loved you anyway And when you're gone my whole world won't fall apart I swear, cross my broken heart Word gets 'round in this small talk town But I'll stand my ground and I won't even ask where you've gone to When they play a song 'bout a love gone wrong And you see me cryin', well, that don't mean I miss you When I said I was crazy for you I was out of my mind When the smokes clears I'll see it was not meant to be Yeah, I will be just fine Chorus By the second tuesday of never I promise That I will be just fine Oh, yes, I will Chorus © 2018