NelsonNobody Wins In The End

Your first hello, the darkness is broken You're scared, I know, the wheels are in motion It's opening night for the show of your lifetime, my friend The days roll by, you live for tomorrow Against the tide, in an ocean of sorrow Well, is it all worth it if nobody wins in the end? We learn as a child to carry the pain and hide it away in the dark We've all lived this charade, but I don't wanna play anymore Chorus: Give me love for the rest of my life Give me hope for the rest of my days I'm tired of watching the world slip away There's one thing you must understand When there's no forgiveness then nobody wins in the end You've come of age (you're a slave), a slave and a soldier You fight the rage (every day), but you heart's growing colder You're starting to wonder if nobody wins in the end You know, I'd rather die than keep living the lie we've become Chorus I wanna break free! I won't let these fools hold me down! I'm gonna spread my wings and fly It's time to go, the curtain is falling The final show, a new play is calling Just one thing to give you; take it or leave it, my friend If we don't come together, then nobody wins in the end © 2018