NelsonSooner Or Later

Like a bat out of hell she came out of nowhere A schoolboy's sticky sweet dream And every woman's nightmare She'll bring a grown man to his knees And him cry for mercy He could beg for her sweet wine But she'd leave him thirsty If you only knew what you're missing You'd walk through fire for me I try to tell you baby - you won't listen Well, that's o.k. by me cause Chorus: Sooner or later I'm making you mine You're gonna love me in a matter of time There's no use runnin' babe, you just can't hide Ў®cause sooner or later you're mine Decided I'd had enough of walking the wire So I finally found the guts to admit my desire When I confessed How much I craved her love and affection I was paralyzed by the shock of a cold rejection I'd give all that I have to own you But you don't care I'm alive You won't surrender - I can't control you Well, here's the bottom line Chorus I've been looking for a lover who can satisfy me Come and slide under the covers I've got you where I want you And you got me where you want me Baby, tell me - do you like what you see? Sooner or later I'm making you mine Ў®cause I'm too full of you to swallow my pride You can't tell me you don't want to feel it inside Ў®cause sooner or later you're mine © 2018