NelsonWhat About Me?

You begged me to stop my fussin' There's something that needs discussin' You've been keeping inside you And it's high time I know There's no way to break it gently When you told me forever It doesn't mean it wasn't true at the time But it's time for you to go Am I readin' you right? Did you just turn out the light at the end Of our ten year Tunnel of Love? Yeah, I know it's your hour of need- But what about me? I won't be the cage that holds you I won't be the one who told you That you're making a mistake... No Baby... I've never been that kind And if you're sayin' that I've confined you By all means go but let me remind you You can't change your world as easy As changin' your mind. What more do I have to give? Guess I'll just have to live with the thought My tears'll be setting you free And I hope you find all you seek- But what about me? What do you want me to say? Girl, you're walking away with The only dream I ever believed. You'll be livin' through leavin' us be But what about me? Well I know love don't come guaranteed- But what about me? © 2018