Notorious B.I.G.Nasty Boy

[Notorious B. I. G. Conversating with someone] Yeahh, worrd I remember I met this one bitch Cause you know me I don't see how I'm the nasty Motherfucker I just thought I thought I'da did anything in the World (yeh?) I meets this one bitch, I comes up in the spot, or Whatever The bitch got the candles lit or whatever, so She tell me whatever she wanna get her freak on Whatever So I'm like whassup whatchu wanna yaknahmsayin I'm read to wear it out or whatever (kssss) The bitch told me she wanted me to shit on her! (*laughing*) Ya know shit I was like whatchu mean shit? I mean I might shit on you after I, hit it I won't Call you no more Shit on you like that (*more laughing*) She talkin about no she want me to c*** over her And shit, on her stomach! (*laughing through his Teeth*) I said bitch what the, what the fuck?? What the fuck I'm sposed to do after I after I shit On her I'm sposed to hit that after that? She's just wilding out so after I s***s on the bitch Right (*both start laughing*) Ya know I shit, after I s***s on the bitch The bitch, ya know, washed that shit off or whatever (Ohhh shit!) [Puff Daddy] Come on, yeah (repeat 10X) Uhh, I go, on and on and on and Then take her to the crib and let your bone in Easy, call em on the phone and Platinum Chanel cologne and I stay, dressed, to impress Spark these bitches interest S** is all I expect If they watch tv in the Lex, they know They know, quarter past fo' Left the club tipsy, say no mo' Except how I'm gettin home, tomorrow Caesar drop you off when he see his P. O., uhh Back of my mind I hope she swallow (uh-huh) Man She split a drink on my cream Wallows Reach the gate, hungry just ate Riffin, she got to be to work by eight This must mean she ain't tryin to wait Conversate, s** on the first date I state "You know what you do to me" She starts, "Well but I don't usually" Then I, whipped it out, rubber no doubt Step out, show me what you all about Fingers in your mouth, open up your blouse Pull your G-string down South, aoowww Threw that back out, in the parking lot By a Cherokee and a green drop-top And I don't stop, until I squirt. Jeans skirt butt-naked it all work You nasty boy you nasty (repeat 7 x) I remember we, went to Tennessee Then we came home, mad messages was on my phone Bitch named Symone Screamin, she feenin, for the semen Me bein, the man that I am Took it to her condo, pronto Half indian, called her Tonto Roll the kronk ton in the dark pronto A few puffs, eyes got low And off to the bedroom we go *mmmmmm* S** is drama, word to mama Rip pajamas I'ma stay to tomorrow Satisfyin all my needs twice With the whipped cream, handcuffs and ice The bitch is nice, word is bond Can't wait to put my niggaz on, what, what? You nasty boy you (repeat 7 x) Ladies, my Mercedes Hold fo' in the back, two if they fat Keep a gat, cause cats, try to test me They just fans like Deniro, Wesley Let's see, the bitch I'm waitin on Gaudier jeans jeans look like they painted on Ask thee, leave it up to me Lay her on back ever so gently She like the way the dough fold up, Rolls roll up Cristal just throw up, bitch grow up Hold up, there's Degenero Dripped out, iceberg Capero Intro goes without speaking Call me Caese cause I keep em, we can go freakin All weekend, so, roll in Ain't it good that my Lex keeps foldin? Uhh © 2018