PavementGrave Architecture

Come on in... Grave architecture (x2) Walk the marble malls [? ] The monuments to those who fall And it's a pocket less than narco shell-bit Stiff the crypt and the others are rough And the hood's so rad And I'm fucking glad Glad to see that, know what it means It takes a lot Grave architecture (x2) Stroll past the strip Is it old? am I clipped? Am I just a bathtub waiting to be gripped Or found on shady ground? And the lampshade's poised on the overwhelm Drugs, and need the talent to breathe It takes a lot Oh yeah, you wanna be like a blind fish Positive, we're positive-- go! Takes a lock-grip, baby To put you to war And I'm pushin' you back than ever ? ? ? That'll push you hard It takes em...... © 2018